Popularity Of The Name Jewelry

The Popularity Of The Name Necklaces

The Name Necklace is one of the most popular pieces on the market and has been for the past decade or so. Although they have been popular for more time than that, the early 2000’s really lifted the trend to a new level. The Name Necklace is so personal to the individual wearing it, whether it is their own name or the one of someone they love, it feels so special and unique. Name necklaces must be custom made which ensures each piece is totally exclusive - this certainly adds to the creative edge of the piece and also the special feeling one gets from knowing that it has been especially made for them. That is a reason that this style of jewelry makes such a fantastic gift, you can make the recipient feel even more special by personalizing it.

Whether you are looking for an inexpensive handcrafted piece or an exclusive piece of jewelry, you can be sure that when it comes to elegance, nothing beats a name necklace in popularity. Wearing name necklaces started many decades ago, but these are still considered as trendy accessories which are designed for individuals. Even though name necklaces are in the same league as rings, bracelets and earrings, they are in a class of their own. They provide a creatively extravagant gift that will be appreciated during any occasion.

Personalized name necklaces first became popular in the 1980’s and they were widely worn among the younger population, especially the teenagers. At that time name necklaces were quite expensive as they were designed on order, hence became an indication of status and wealth.

As the time passed, name necklaces were considered as a luxury item and often appreciated as a fine piece of jewelry. As the craze continued many Celebrities and movie stars continued wearing these name necklaces and introduced many different designs to the culture. In fact, nowadays, Hollywood stars are rarely seen without wearing their cherished name necklaces making it a signature of fashion and style jewelry.

Jewelry is always a nice present for women and Name necklaces takes the idea to a whole new level making them much more personal in an absolute meaningful way. Due to this significant popularity, many jewelers now offer personalized services with the name of the receiver and it is super easy to create a uniquely designed craft to suit any taste. Many local jewelry stores as well as online retailers offer basic collection of name necklaces which can be exclusively customized with a desired name, whatever your budget is.

Wide Use Of Name Necklace

Even though you could be forced to spend a considerable amount of money purchasing a high quality nameplate necklace, you will have bought a precious gift that will be treasured for a lifetime. With the introduction of double thickness pieces, now you can keep your memories for just a little longer when your loved one’s name is exposed on the name necklace claiming that the gift was not really an afterthought.

Name Necklaces can be designed specifically to fit any word or form as to represent the receiver’s individuality. It’s only your imagination and creativity that will limit you on what you can get out of this beloved gift item. A persona’s character and charm can be easily reflected by this solely name necklaces and to prove that you just need to see how many celebrities are wearing them on. Certainly these name necklaces are becoming increasingly popular day by day and every day there is something unique that comes to market. Due to this uniqueness name necklaces are greatly appreciated by women of all ages.

From the runway to the major fashion cities of the world, you will witness the name necklace on a large number of people from all walks of life using it to great effect to create a unique look. Without any doubt a name necklace will beat all the other ornaments hands down and the receiver will be amazed for such a long time due to its uniqueness & durability, making name necklaces rank among the top of the list gift items for loved ones.

Comeback in the Fashion Scene in a Retro Style 

Name necklaces were first fashionable items back in the 80s especially in the African American community. Although it is commonly believed that African American rappers were the first people to come up with the idea of wearing names engraved on necklaces, this style was a historical progression by the African-American community that set out to own their cultural heritage that was fading away after they were freed as slaves. When World War II ended, freed slaves opted to come up with new unique names as personal identities, and this was propagated by black artists through personalized jewelry. This fast caught up as a stylish way to dress up which was widely embraced especially by the young crowds.

Latter on, the popularity for personalized name pendants diminished over the years, but these ornaments have recently made a comeback in the fashion scene in a retro style. Today, name necklaces are considered as trendy fashion accessories that are craved for like crazy. This has been largely influenced by key celebrity personalities that have been spotted in public donning necklaces which have their names engraved on the pendants. Indeed, celebrities can have a major effect on what people wear, eat and generally what is accepted as being a fashionable way of living.

Celebrity Name NecklaceThere are plenty of key personal figures that have made name pendants their own personal style. However, the popularity of name necklaces and the resurgence of this style of dressing exploded once again in the fashion industry when Hollywood star Sarah Jessica Parker aka ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ from the TV hit series ‘sex and the city’ was seen wearing a dazzling name necklace engraved with her acting name. Jessica Parker rocks here Carrie name necklace which features a hip cursive font that is engraved on a gold nameplate. This caused ripple effects in the fashion industry and since then many other celebrities have embraced the concept of wearing personalized name pendants. Some of the big names that have been associated with personalized necklaces include the likes of Kanye West, Madona, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan, Christina Applegate, Taylor Swift, Lauren Conrad, Minka Kelly and Adele, just to mention a few.