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Ideas for unique friendship gifts

As easy as it is to say know your friend, sometimes you know your friend so well that you know that they don’t want and don’t really need anything. This is usually where all the problems begin: the stress, the hassle and the headaches of what to buy the person who doesn’t want and doesn’t need anything. Being one of those people myself, I can tell you the job at hand really isn’t easy. My friends joke with me that whenever they buy me a gift they know to put a gift receipt inside!

However, there are some fall back items that I would always love to receive from my friends and that I think make gorgeous, unique friendship gifts no matter who you are buying for.

Great gift options

  • Fixing something which is broken
    I once had a friend who came to my house and when I wasn’t looking attached clock hands and the relevant mechanism to my canvas that was hanging on the wall. For months I had spoken about how I needed a clock in the room and had never got round to getting one. I thought it was the most gorgeous present, so thoughtful and classic. And the best part was, instead of buying me a clock and having to guess my taste, he took something that he knew I already loved and made it even better. Fixing things is always useful.
  • Gifts to do together
    For most of us ladies, the times we ever really get to have fun with our girlfriends are so far and few between. I hate this! And so when it came to one of my good friend’s birthday, I organised for a small group of her closest friends to go to the spa and get treated for the day. We paid for her as this was her present. This way she got to have time with her friends and it was a gift we knew she would love but wouldn’t necessarily buy for herself. Here it is the company and the atmosphere that matters more than the gift you buy.
  • Personalized gifts
    The one thing I never buy myself is something personalized. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I see them as things that I give to others as so they fall into my category of gifts. Because of this I am a fool for anything personal. I love the thought and detail put into it by someone else, the true meaning behind the phrase “it’s the thought that counts”. Over the years I have received some absolutely adorable personalized presents such as a photo calendar of me and my friends, my name as a keychain, a storybook of my life and engraved jewelry to name but a few things. But with them all, it is the engraved jewelry. I am still using to this day.


Engraving jewelry for others

Jewelry is such a personal gift already, but to me the best way of making something stand out is by having it engraved. It makes something go from being pretty to becoming so thoughtful and sentimental. Whether you are having it engraved with a private note, or simply with a name or initials, the jewelry becomes personal and solely for the receiver. I have found a small collection of some of the most gorgeous friendship gifts for her to love and cherish forever.

I love the idea of having your name and birthstone put together on jewelry. The Unique Name and Birthstone Necklace is perfect for this, and will not only protect you in life but will give you fashion security too. Earrings are also a great choice as the are often very easy to wear. Just make sure she has her ears pierced first! The initial earrings are so sweet and have an air of fun to them. If you wanted to go for something simple and classic, why not try the classic name ring. Instead of it being engraved, the letters are cut out from the band and it looks beautiful! All this being said, the one initial bar bracelet will always be a favourite of mine. Its simplicity and style make it easy to wear and elegant. Whatever you choose, make sure you have her in mind when you are buying to ensure that it is her taste and something that she will love to wear!


Tricky Pickings: Buying the Best Gift for The Mother In Law

Time and again I hear worries from friends about what the best gift is to buy for their mother in law. And time and again I give my friends the same answer: Who is your mother in law? I don’t mean this in the usual sense. Usually I know their mother in law, or have at least met them. I think about it in the deeper sense: Who is your mother in law? What does she like? How does she spend her time? What makes her happy?

Buying presents for your mother in law to some people comes with bad emotions. First there is the confusion, then the dread, then the hopelessness. This should never be the case. However, to ease the hassle of picking a gift I have developed a small list of types of mothers in law with key ideas of things to buy for each.


What type of a person is she?

The Spoiler - This type of mother in law loves to spoil her family and those around her. I should know, I have one as my own mother! In the case with these ladies, anything you give them they attempt to give it to their family. I have found that vouchers for their favourite store is a great option. Ensure to write in the card that you picked it especially for their favourite shop so she can spoil herself for once and not have to think about her family!

The Proud Grandma - These mothers in law love anything connected to their little ones. A scribble on a piece of paper from their 5 year old will be left hanging on the fridge for years to come and referred to as a piece of art! I have found that sentimental gifts are great for these women. Photographs of their loved ones in a pretty album is always a good choice.

The Housekeeper - Those who may at times seem a little home ridden, try something which is useful at home. A new pair of slippers or subscription to a lifestyle magazine is always fun. And the best bit, it’s just for them!

The Music Mad - For those mothers in law who live, dream and breathe music invest in a cd or old school vinyl if they still have a record player somewhere still in use. Or if not, why not try tickets for them and a loved one to go and see their favourite musical. It would be a night they would love and appreciate the kind thought from you.

The Busy Lady - The key when buying for this type of mother in law is to try something that will be useful that she may not have already. In the past I have bought pretty, decorative diaries as I know who needs their organisation on top form. And by buying one that exudes beauty, she will love using it!

The Trendy Dresser - For this type of mother in law you need to think like her. This about what she usually wears, or what items she has said she likes recently. Try not attempt to clothes shop for her as this can be quite personal and things usually need to be tried on before bought. However, in my past experience I have found buying luxurious silk scarves a great option for presents as they are easy to wear and it is one of those things that people often begrudge buying for themselves.

I have also found jewelry is a great option. Its not often you will find someone who doesn’t like jewelry and it too is one of those things that we don’t have on our usual shopping lists. This explains why over all the years buying jewelry as gifts has never and will never fall out of fashion. If we don’t buy it for ourselves, then someone has to buy it for us! This being the case, I have taken the liberty of finding the best jewelry gifts for those potentially tricky to buy for mothers in law.


Boyfriend and Girlsfriend Necklaces - Gifts That Say I Love You - For Him and Her

“Hun, you remember what today is?”


“You mean you really don’t remember?”

Don’t tell me this has never happened in your relationship. He thinks it’s just a regular day and then he sees his girlfriend and immediately he knows something is up. He forgot to get the lady a gift for the anniversary of…of….the time you guys...? That’s it - he’s toast.

Girls forget things all the time. They forget to pick up the dry cleaning, walk the dog, the dinner date with your parents. But when it comes to special occasions in a relationship somehow she always seem to remember. And don’t just think the anniversary of your first date or when you become official is the only occasion to celebrate. There is the anniversary of your first glance, first kiss, and god forbid he forgets the anniversary of the first time you both said, “I love you.”

Don’t Forget the Gift

When it comes to celebrating special occasions between a boyfriend and girlfriend you know a gift is essential. Gifts are the perfect way to express your love and appreciation. One gift can say a thousand things without speaking a word. As much as we want to convince ourselves that gift giving is just a materialistic expression of our feelings, let’s be honest, that’s you being cheap. Spending money on your girlfriend or the woman you love can make the you feel just as good as she will feel when receiving a gift from you.

For Him and Her

A unique couple gift, otherwise known as a “his and her gift”, is the perfect gift to give to a girlfriend on a special occasion. A “his and her” gift is the perfect way to inspire more affection between a loving duo. You and your girlfriend are already attached at the hip so why not a gift that you can enjoy together?

A “his and her” gift doesn’t mean walking around in matching outfits. The thought of that will make her cringe the same amount as the man, if not more. It was cute back in preschool when our moms used to match us with our siblings. After a certain age, let’s face it, it’s tacky. A classy option is personalized boyfriend and girlfriend jewelry.

No matter the occasion jewelry, whether it is a necklace, pair of earrings, or bracelet will always excite the lady in your life. A necklace handpicked by her man shows thought and care. A personalized "his and her" necklace will show the man’s investment (and not just financially) and lasting commitment to the relationship. His and her necklaces engraved with each others names is meaningful to the two of you as well as shows off your love for each other. Or try a ring and necklace set with one accessory for the man and the other for the lady.

But He Doesn’t Wear Jewelry

Not every man loves wearing jewelry or can pull off the “man-ery” look. A “couple necklace” just for her is the perfect option for the boyfriend who doesn’t wear jewelry. Engrave a necklace with your names or your two initials to create the personalized gift she will love as much as her man. For a creative gift idea she will love, personalize a name necklace with the pet name only you call her (as long as it’s not too embarrassing). Expect a gasp of surprise and joy when presenting to her a sparkling accessory personalized for the two of you.

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